The survivor now knows how to grow from the pain 
How to own it with pride and to not feel ashamed
The survivor has times where they still feel alone 
But they need not be afraid for they know how they’ve grown
The survivor knows the child inside is still there
To remind them of moments they would prefer not to bear
But because of these moments the survivor is clear
That the world is a brighter place because they are here.
By Ellen A Survivor
I like to remind myself its absolutely ok to have bad dark days, to cry and let the frustration out, but its important to look forward and never stay down in the darkness for too long.
The past can not be changed but the way we deal with our future is in our hands. 
Remember our ability to get through bad days so far is 100%.
This is sent with my agreement that should you wish to use it feel free. 
Thank you as always for your support and love. 
                                 By Kerri 
You are worthy of being loved 
Though the darkest of my days and years I never thought I was worthy of being loved or treated with respect. I use to be treated like rubbish as that’s how my past made me feel, until one day I met the man I would fall in love with and have a happy family life full of laughter bright memories and happiness. Nothing like what my life was like, I have now after 11 years opened up to my partner fully who has been amazing and supportive and so protective, he made me realise I was worthy of being loved and cared for and having a loving family. He always knew that I had suffered but now I have the strength to be completely open and he has been amazing. Thanks to him I have the happy family I have always longed for and wanted and all my darkest of days are out weighed by all the happiness and love from my own little family. I know now that I am worthy of love and happiness and no matter what them dark memories can’t ever take that away. My family my life my happiness. Everyone is is worthy of happiness and love don’t ever let your dark days take that away from you I did for long enough and now I am so happy in my little family. #if_only_charity 
Feeling nothing does nothing.
We quite often find that we have the feeling of numbness and we think by not feeling anything such as pain, anger, frustration that it will help us.
Unfortunately this is not the case because at the same time we are also blocking ourselves to the feelings of joy, love, comfort and happiness.
We have to work through our feelings and not our thoughts.
We get so engulfed in our past and our painful story’s that it’s a never ending cycle.
What we need to do is listen to our body and how it feels ie: my chest feels tights, I have a headache etc etc
When you have done this breath through this sensation, notice it and allow it to be without judgement, our minds will want to take us back to our thoughts, our flashbacks, our past but redirect this back to your body and breath.
Trust that this feeling will subside and you can move forward.
We never asked for this life and our pasts, but we have no control over that, but we can control our present
And our futures.
Some days life is hard and rough and sometimes we just have to cry and let it all out in order to move forward 
But some days life is joyful and happy and we need to embrace it with open arms.
Working through how we feel makes us stronger and we heal some of our wounds. 
You are stronger than you give yourself credit for and every day is a testament to our strengths, showing us we will not be beaten, we are in control now and we will fight.
You are not alone in this.
                                            By Shona 

Dear 14 year old me,
I know how scared you are, as night time engulfs and curtain are closed, most people drift into a calm sweet slumber. How can you relax , how can you stay calm, I understand your fright.  For when the world is sleeping, your living nightmare begins.
Whilst life feels desperate right now with nowhere to turn and you feel like you’re drowning; I’m here to tell you there is hope and a future much brighter than you can ever imagine. A future where you have choice over who touches your body, a future filled with happiness and a love that is pure and true. You will have people standing beside you, holding your hand both physically and metaphorically. You will never feel this alone again. Your soul will begin to heal and whilst these moments will never be erased, you will become proud of the battles you’ve fought and the woman you’ve become. I want to tell you, you’re a brave, strong young lady and I will hold your hand through every step of the way ahead. 
I wish you could hear me but I know you can’t because you are me, and I am you, but together we will be ok.
                                    By Jo 
I was a victim of childhood sexual abuse.
That used to be very difficult for me to say, even to myself. I always felt like I was lying or exaggerating. A lot of other people said I was lying too, once the news spilt to my family and community. The unsolicited opinions of adults who didn’t know my abuser’s dark side further confused me about my truth.
I may not have ever pieced it together myself without hearing the stories of people who’d had similar experiences. I may not have ever been brave enough to search for my truth had I not had a loving mother, excellent social workers at our local women’s shelter, and a team of doctors and nurses at the children’s psychiatric unit where I’d eventually land in my teens. Not everyone has or can access this support – and although I’m never going to put a positive spin on the trauma itself 
( I don’t believe it “happened for a reason” ) – I’m extremely grateful that I had these supports to pull me through despite it.
It is also for that reason that I choose to be open and proactive. I’m not in a place where I can allow embarrassment and discomfort to shut me up and make me more palatable ( but if that’s not where you are no judgement at all ). I want to be the person I needed back then. If you see yourself in my story, I’m here to tell you I get it. We exist, and it was never our fault for being assaulted.  
                                       By Sarah
This one I wrote a few years back but means so much to me.
One day sleeps your best friend, closing your eyes to a world of peace, a world where you can forget everything and everyone around you, forget about your worries, your pain, your existence, for those hours asleep you don’t have to be you, no one expects anything from you, you don’t expect anything from yourself. The voices stop, the pictures are frozen in this time there’s nothing or no one who can hurt you, life stops all around and you feel nothing. That nothing is the best feeling, the nothing reminds you, you’re human just like everyone else living life without the depression, the anxiety that is eating up inside.
Other days sleep is the enemy. Fighting against you, the pain eats every inch of your body. Waking up exhausted scared for what’s to come, the nightmares are too real. Waking up remembering you’re still not the person you are wanting to be. Eyes so heavy, hard to catch your breath feeling like every gasp could be your last, chest so tight, back so stiff. Not being able to remove yourself from any nightmare the battle is consent and I’m losing. My head so loud the voices screaming so many negative worlds, thought, the memories replayed, I can’t run away from my own head, I just want it to stop it to pause just for a second that’s all I ask, that second, I wouldn’t have to fake the smile, I can laugh with happiness I can be the me who I once was.
I hope this is the kind of things you’re looking for.
                                          Much love,
Today I looked into the mirror and saw;
The 14 year old in zebra print pyjamas silently screaming for it to stop
The hopeless teenager who found love in drink, drugs and sex
The girl in gold lost trying to find her way home
The one not knowing where her next place to sleep will be
The girl who collected the bruises all over her body
The lonely one standing on the outside of everyone else’s life and on the edge of her own
The one trying to run away from  it all hoping she could stop these nightmares, shut off the pain, turn down the suffering
I see you, I feel you, I hear you
You are not alone
Today I looked into the mirror and saw me.
                                      By Jamie

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