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if Only…

Child Sexual Abuse is an epidemic that thrives in secrecy and compels its victims to remain silent, often for decades.
Countless Survivors have felt empowered to disclose their abuse, many for the first time, however, others have remained silent.

Whilst disclosure is very important for many Survivors, sadly it is only one part of the healing process ahead of them.
Whether a Survivor has disclosed or not they need the support, love and kindness of another human being.

Child Sexual Abuse impacts Survivors long after the abuse has stopped.
For years, even decades, Survivors may experience depression, addictions, strained relationships, insomnia, and even anxiety and panic attacks.

We had a vision, a passion and a dream and with those 3 things if Only… began.

We feel it is so important that society is aware of the suffering that Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse endure, not only at the time but throughout their entire life.
We as society have a duty to help those Survivors and those children who are suffering today.
We want to help educate society about what Trauma really means, and the impact it has on the life of a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

If Only… want to stand with survivors and raise awareness, spread love, kindness and acceptance in the world. Adding our light to others, so that theirs may grow into a flame of hope.
We want to help strengthen Survivors to move on to a place where they know they are loved and are able to feel it. To help them to understand that what has happened to them does not define them or who they are.
Ultimately if Only… want to put in place a safe space for those who have suffered and those who are suffering at the hands of these people. To provide a space where they can feel safety, love and compassion. Where they can have the opportunity to share their story, and be listened to and acknowledged.

A very important part of our ethos is inviting those that are willing, to help us give back to those souls who’s voices were stolen from them as children and continue to suffer as adults.
We must never underestimate how our kindness can help someone on their journey towards recovery

If you are a survivor, we want you to know that you are not alone on your healing journey.
The effects of Child Sexual Abuse are real, but you can take back your life.
Each and every Survivor is important and can overcome their past with the right support.

Hope and healing are possible.

You are more than what happened to you.

We want to help Survivors not have to say if Only…


I often hear people assuming and saying that sexual abuse is rare.
Perhaps you should stop for a minute to actually look at the statistics…
1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men have been sexually abused, more often than not by somebody that they know, very often it is someone within their trusted circle.
Those figures are only the ones that have come forward to report it.
Imagine what the real number is?

Shocking isn’t it?
But sadly a reality.
A reality that society doesn’t want to acknowledge. A reality that many would rather Survivors stay silent about. It’s awkward, uncomfortable, embarrassing.
The words are often ugly and disgusting. Of course you don’t want to hear it, of course it’s unpleasant and not part of your world.
But sadly it is part of ours.
We didn’t have choices as you did.
We didn’t receive care, comfort, reassurance and love.
Instead we received hurt, pain, hatred and suffering.
Alone in our world we carried it day after day with no help, no support, no love.
That was our reality and continues to be our reality now.
We can recover, journey on, build a better life for ourselves and settle into your kind of life, but the reality will always be there.
What happened to us we can never change. We can’t claim back our childhoods, those carefree years we should have had.

We want society to stop, and acknowledge that the world we live in, is for some of us a cruel and scary place.
When you go about your day, be mindful of us ‘The Survivors’.
We do exist.
There are a lot of us, in fact, we are a huge team, bigger than you realise.
So I know for sure you will pass a few of us whilst you are going about your daily tasks.


We are silently struggling, quietly working so hard to try and get our life into some sort of order. To understand what happened to us, and take back the power that was stolen from us.
We are slowly trying to change the direction of our life.
Allow us the space and comfort to be acknowledged and recognised.

We deserve that.