I have most definitely been changed by what has happened to me and the childhood that I experienced, but I refuse to be reduced by it.

Today is an opportunity for all of us to build the tomorrow that we want.

We must remember always that what what they did to us was NOT our fault, it was done TO us.

I always hoped that one day I would be brave enough to tell my story of the  journey I have experienced to try and overcome what I went through.
I hope that one day it will be someone else’s survival guide.

I am not my Past.

I am not less than, I am ENOUGH.

It doesn’t matter who I used to be, all that matters is who I am now.

Life passes us by in a flash, sometimes we have to hold on tight.

Never be afraid to be here, and never be afraid to know who you are.

Take time to look at all the wonderful things, keep going, moving forwards, onwards and upwards.

Keep smiling. Keep being imperfectly perfect.

One day this will all just be a dream.


You are beautiful because you know your own darkness and still that alone can never stop you from finding your own light.

Your Story Has Power