If Only… someone had asked me

If Only… someone had helped me

If Only… someone had listened to me

If Only… someone had recognised my pain

If Only… someone could have saved me

If Only… it would have stopped

If Only… it had not been me

If Only… my life could have been different

If Only… you knew all the things I am not able to say

If Only… words could breathe

If Only… I could feel safe

If Only… I could go back and do the right thing

If Only… I didn’t have all these memories

If Only… my thoughts had an off switch

If Only… I could change my past

If Only…

you could see the words buried beneath my skin,
the words I so desperately want to speak,
then perhaps you would see who I was born to be,
the poem that lives within me.

I was just a girl,
When my whole world was shaken.
A trusting little girl,
When my innocence was taken. 
Such a sweet girl,
When that line was crossed.
I missed that innocent girl,
I feared that she was lost. 
No longer a child,
When I began falling under.
Overnight; an adult,
Is there any hope I wonder? 
I did not give up,
I did not give in.
I waited,
For my healing journey to begin. 
Now I am a thriver,
A mother,
A lover,
A survivor.
Love to you both
 Jo xx

If Only
If Only they’d take the time
To see the real me
They’d realise there’s more 
Than a charade of jollity.
Im a person who is locked
Within a cage of doubt 
Begging everyone
Come and let me out.
Trapped within a body 
That no-one understands
Being who they want
Cause that’s what life demands
My heart is in a spin
My world is going round
One day very soon
Im gonna hit the ground.
That’s when they’ll all say
What ever has gone wrong
She was always so happy
So witty and so strong
There are none so blind 
As those who will not see
Think about this saying 
And for Godsake help me!
By Wendy
 Like A Phoenix From The Ashes
They may
defeat you,
burn you,
insult you,
injure you,
and abandon you,
But they
will not,
shall not,
and cannot
destroy you
for you,
like Rome,
were built on ashes,
and you,
like a Phoenix
know how to resurrect
By Kelly